bluejays & bumblebees is a collaboration of artists justin bagley & brooke freed.

justin is a washington native and has been making glass creations for over fifteen years.  he has been an instructor at pratt fine arts in seattle, and has trained with various artists around the world. 

brooke grew up in the sierra nevada foothills of california but now calls the pacific northwest home.  she is a writer with an affinity for farmlands, old furniture, and handmade objects.  she's also perpetually on the lookout for a delicious croissant.

their story: it was a chance meeting in the summer of 2003. they quickly learned that they had a few things in common including a passion for creativity and a penchant for travel.  they booked a couple of plane tickets to europe, traveled around six countries, and came back with one conclusion: they would have many more adventures together.  bluejays & bumblebees is one of those adventures.  both justin and brooke design and make the artwork in their shop.  they are inspired by the places they travel, near and far, and enjoy making beautiful, wearable art. 

Email us at bluejaysNbumblebees(at)gmail.com   We look forward to hearing from you!

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